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MMI/Raahj Laboratories Inc. is a Global Healthcare and Skincare manufacturing company along with being a research and product development organization.

Our goal is to help as many people as possible to achieve their full potential concerning health and personal wellbeing including having beautiful and youthful looking skin.

MMI/Raahj Laboratories Inc. is a leader in Nano-Ionic products along with the development and production of Nano-Ionic products. We have been in business since 1996. We cover the globe with products being shipped to our many distributors around the globe.  We provide our global consumers with top-quality products manufactured in our two state-of-the-art facilities. Our facilities feature high-tech measurement and mixing equipment that produce cutting edge products that are designed to demonstrate results where others fail.

World-Wide Distribution

Private Label Mass Production Capabilities

We currently do Private Label for many International Companies, we have large scale Capabilities available for those wanting our services.

MMI/Raahj Laboratories Inc. continues to develop cutting edge products that only we can supply to you. Because of our innate understanding concerning Ionics and Small particles we have the ability to produce products no other company can. We conduct comprehensive tests on our products to ensure safety, efficiency, and strict label adherence. All of are products are exceptional and our services are offered at competitive prices with superior products that work for the end users.

We have been in business since 1996, which is more that 25 years of experience in product development and marketing of our Ionic products to our many global customers. We have been manufacturing and shipping Ionic products to China since 2005. 

We are a cGMP compliant manufacturer of Dietary Supplements, Healthcare and Skincare products. Good Manufacturing Practices and regulations (GMPs) are the standards we use which are the same standards used by pharmaceutical, medical device, and food manufacturers who produce products for the Healthcare, Dietary Supplement and Food industries.

Raahj Ionics Newbury Park

We constantly self monitor our facility and our cGMP status by conducting periodic inspections of our facility and perform updates to our overall manufacturing methods along with our high-level water standards. We use water in many of our products and we constantly evaluate our water for any deviation from perfection by performing random tests to assure our customers do have only the best and safest products. 

We use strict cGMP requirements which includes aspects of our facilities and production, such as:

  • Physical plant inspections
  • Machinery cleaning and maintenance
  • Documented manufacturing operations
  • Quality control world-wide
  • Multi-intraval product testing
  • Records and documentation
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