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Hyaluronic Acid Facial Spray

Cutting Edge Skin Care 

Nano-Ionic Hyaluronic-Acid Facial Spray™ Instant Moisturizer™

Convenience in a bottle™ Can you imagine having a product that moisturizes, softens, enriches, and beautifies your skin, and absorbs in a matter of a minutes or less? This is what we call convenience that is unparalleled.

Our Nano-Ionic Hyaluronic-Acid Facial Spray™ has an affinity to deliver superior results due to the uniqueness of our proprietary methods in manufacturing of this product. The uniqueness is revealed to everyone, even after the first application. We call it convenience in a bottle™. 

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Face Masker Renewal Spray

Face Maskers Skin Renewal Spray

A product for those who wear face masks

Prevention is the solution!
For those who wear a Face Mask often or occasionally, Facial Eczema is very common, especially in young adults and children. Symptoms are often uncomfortable, painful, and itchy and can be ugly too. It can occur anywhere on the face, often on the chin and cheeks. Adults can also develop eczema around the lips.

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Quench Sunburn Repair Spray™

Our Quench Sunburn Repair Spray contains Clinically Proven beneficial substances as proven in clinical studies. These substances provide relief, comfort and assist in the healing of sunburn.

We enhance our product by using Specialty Ingredients and proprietary manufacturing methods, making our product one of the most unique and efficient products on the market, providing comfort from sunburn, and assisting in a more rapid repair of damaged tissue.

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Pin Technology Health Enrichment Supplements

Bone Growth Matrix Activator

In our methodology and procedure of manufacturing and blending, we implement sources of high energy input to cause hydrolysis bond cleavage of key substances needed for bone growth, and we use ionic bond cleavage enhancement, through specific peptide inclusion, thus, optimizing cellular availability and higher absorption rates of critical substances essential for bone loss, remodeling, and repair.

Our process starts with our proprietary trade secret manufacturing methods of an ionizing protocol that contains specific calcium/magnesium and critically essential nutrients that efficiently synergize for an optimal balance of substances. Read More…

CPI – Zinc™ – Charged Particle Ionic Zinc™

Most people don’t realize the impact of Zinc Ions (the master form of Zinc Supplementation, the type of Zinc ions provided in CPI-Zinc™) in their life or the lack thereof.

Zinc (ions) is found in cells throughout the body. It is needed for the body’s defensive (immune) system to properly work. It plays a role in cell division, cell growth, wound healing, and the breakdown of carbohydrates.

“In our studies in an experimental human model of Zinc deficiency, we documented decreased serum testosterone level, oligospermia, severe immune dysfunctions mainly affecting T helper cells, hyperammonemia, neurosensory disorders, and decreased lean body mass.” (From an outside study) Read More…

Charged Particle Ionic Magnesium

The efficiency of ingredients impacts one’s health. Unfortunately, most Magnesium products are lumped into a category of usefulness based on milligrams. Milligrams are a measure of “weight,” not effectiveness. A presumption many people make is “the more milligrams, the better.” In other words, the more it weighs, the better it is. This can be misleading even to the point of DEATH.

Regular Blood Serum Magnesium testing can show Magnesium levels that range from normal to high. This may cause your doctor to assume everything with your Magnesium blood test is fine. However, Magnesium Serum Blood levels can be misleading resulting in misinformation that can lead to death. How many times have we heard the following statement “They were just in the Doctors’ office, and they dropped dead the next day of a HEART ATTACK?” Read More…

Dental Recovery Products

ADRC™ Advanced Dental Recovery Complex™

Dental problems affect virtually everyone especially after having teeth cleaned or having dental work that is beyond the ordinary such as deep cleaning and/or oral surgery.

Bleeding from such activity can be painful and messy, and many times leave those who have had such work very uncomfortable. That is why ADRC™, with its proprietary Ionic formula, can be helpful by reducing bleeding time and by soothing gum tissue discomfort. Read more…

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