Milligrams (weight) vs. Effectiveness of Charged Particle (electric) Magnesium

The efficiency of ingredients impacts one’s health. Unfortunately, most Magnesium products are lumped into a category of usefulness based on milligrams. Milligrams are a measure of “weight,” not effectiveness. A presumption many people make is “the more milligrams, the better.” In other words, the more it weighs, the better it is. This can be misleading even to the point of DEATH.

Regular Blood Serum Magnesium testing can show Magnesium levels that range from normal to high. This may cause your doctor to assume everything with your Magnesium blood test is fine. However, Magnesium Serum Blood levels can be misleading resulting in misinformation that can lead to death. How many times have we heard the following statement “They were just in the Doctors’ office, and they dropped dead the next day of a HEART ATTACK?”

Magnesium deficiency is difficult to uncover unless an RBC (Red Blood Cell) Magnesium test is being run. Serum levels of Magnesium are not advantageous markers for a clean bill of health (according to provable scientific research). Why? Because the body tends to pull Magnesium Ions from cells of the heart and other critical areas to maintain Magnesium Serum Blood levels. Serum levels may not indicate a present or future problem. Magnesium Serum blood tests may show normal test results of Serum Magnesium, but this can be misleading even to the point of death. Conversely, Magnesium RBC (Red Blood Cell) tests demonstrate a more accurate result. If one is getting inadequate Magnesium into cells, as indicated by a faulty test result, DEATH COULD BE IMMINENT.

By using CPIM™, you are transporting highly charged and effective Magnesium Ions into cells of the heart and other critical organs almost instantaneously after being ingested. This is due to cell intelligence recognizing Magnesium Ions.

The choices we make as humans to be healthy are of a critical nature, and
ignorance of facts may give us a shorter lifespan. CPIM™ has no equal.

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