Hyaluronic Acid Facial Spray

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Nano-Ionic Hyaluronic-Acid Facial Spray™ Instant Moisturizer™

Convenience in a bottle™ Can you imagine having a product that moisturizes, softens, enriches, and beautifies your skin, and absorbs in a matter of a minutes or less? This is what we call convenience that is unparalleled.

Our Nano-Ionic Hyaluronic-Acid Facial Spray™ has an affinity to deliver superior results due to the uniqueness of our proprietary methods in manufacturing of this product. The uniqueness is revealed to everyone, even after the first application. We call it convenience in a bottle™. 

What makes our product unique is our formulation technology and our unique ingredients.

Nano-Ionic Hyaluronic-Acid Facial Spray™ Instant Moisturizer™ contains:

  • LFRP-WATER™ (low frequency resonance pure)-water
  • Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Ionized Calcium and Magnesium
  • Ionized Calcium Gluconate
  • Ionized Calcium Lactate
  • Nano-Ionic trace minerals
  • Nano-Ionic Gold
  • Nano-Ionic Copper
  • Nano-Ionic Platinum

Our product can be sprayed on the skin, with or without makeup and does a fabulous job of moisturizing the skin.

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Pilots and flight attendants benefit from instant moisturizer

Raahj Instant Moisturizer Spray™ designed for the Aviation Industry

Instant Moisturizer created for the Airline Industry Raahj Instant Moisturizer Spray™ was created for the Aviation Industry, Pilots, Flight Attendants, and those who fly often. Raahj Instant Moisturizer Spray™ works fast with no mess, fuss, grease, or lingering residues. Just spray and go! A convenient application for those who want moisture-rich, youthful-looking skin using our fast and easy spray. FACTS: At higher elevations, the air is rarified in the mountains and aircraft – thinner and drier – because of lower atmospheric pressure and adiabatic (without loss or gain of heat) cooling. These factors cause the air to hold less moisture, resulting in drier conditions than lower elevations. Airplanes mainly have dry cabin air because they use “bleed air.” They pull air from the engines, which they use to fill and pressurize the cabins. Bleed air is naturally dry. It contains very little moisture, resulting in low relative humidity. The typical aircraft cabin is exceptionally dry and dehydrating. At around 12 percent humidity, it is drier than most deserts—a by-product of cruising at high altitudes, where moisture content is between low and nonexistent. Skin

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